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CalMesh is an ad-hoc network of small, lightweight, and easily reconfigurable nodes that quickly self-organize to form a reliable wireless mesh network. CalMesh is designed to be rapidly deployed at the site of a crisis to restore the communication fabric crucial to emergency response, and has been used in conjunction with drills of the San Diego Metropolitan Medical Strike Team (MMST), a team of local, state, and federal responders who work together to develop and implement response plans for major urban crises and disasters.

CalMesh nodes use IEEE 802.11b-based Wi-Fi technology for users to easily set up communication during emergencies. The intelligent gateway nodes communicate with each other using an advanced wireless multi-hop relaying process. CalMesh nodes can use any of a variety of wired and wireless backhauls, which are integrated with the Always Best Connected system to allow users to seamlessly roam across and aggregate multiple network infrastructures and access technologies to maintain constant and optimal connection to the Internet.